Better days: Muncie’s Ski-Hi Drive-In

From the early 1950s — one source says 1952 — until just the past few years, the Ski-Hi Drive-In just north of Muncie, Indiana, entertained a couple of generations of moviegoers.

Beginning in the 1980s, drive-in movie theaters — which had always provided an alternative for moviegoers looking for exploitation movies, the offbeat and the inexpensive — faced a threat that couldn’t have been imagined just a few years earlier: Home video.

Movie fans could watch the odd Roger Corman movie from the comfort of their home. Within a few years, drive-in theaters were being razed, their real estate developed for some other use, or — even worse, in some ways — they were abandoned to fall to pieces.

The Muncie Drive-In was lost a number of years ago. All that remains now is the barely recognizable sign, now advertising another business, on Ind. 32 on the city’s west side.

The Ski-Hi Drive-In, at Ind. 3 and Ind. 28 north of the city, is still recognizable for what it was. The photos on this blog were taken by me this Memorial Day weekend.

Unfortunately, while the Ski-Hi is recognizable, it’s a shell of its former self. The screen tower has gaping holes. The area where cars and speaker poles once dotted the landscape is covered with high weeds. I can’t say what shape the concession stand is in; I didn’t venture into the property.

Various revitalization attempts have been mounted over the years and I’ve heard another is underway. With any luck, this one will succeed.


2 thoughts on “Better days: Muncie’s Ski-Hi Drive-In

  1. Michael Props, Palm Springs,Ca.

    I now live in Palm Springs Ca. I am from Muncie, and my mom uses do take us to the Ski-Drive-in when we were kids and we loved it she would make us cheese burgers with toasted buns and wrap them in foil they were so good, and we would get drinks from the snack bar those were some of the most memorable times for me spending time with mom and my siblings. Oh the good old days they can not be beat. Michael Props- Palm Springs,Ca.

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