iPhoneography: Farmland, Indiana

Just down the road from me is the town of Farmland, Indiana. Farmland — which, true to its name, is surrounded by farm fields — is a town of about 1,300 in Randolph County.

Although it’s a small town, Farmland is something of a tourist attraction. It has a couple of good family restaurants — the Chocolate Moose is an old-fashioned burger-and-milkshake soda fountain — some interesting shops and an active cultural life.

It’s a very picturesque little town, with rehabbed streets, sidewalks and streetlights.

I was there the other day on a semi-work-related visit and took a few iPhone photos.

Like a lot of Heartland towns, the center of activity was once the local grain elevator, a towering structure near the rail line that cuts through the heart of town. The elevator isn’t in use for grain anymore; shops occupy the lower level. On a clear Indiana day, though, it’s still a focal point.

The rail line that cuts through Farmland just says “Indiana” to me, and stretches for miles and miles.

There’s not a town square, per se, but a neat old clock outside what used to be the opera house.

Farmland’s a nice place to go have lunch and look at shops. Definitely worth the trip.


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