A moment to mourn ‘The Fades’

“The Fades” has left us before we really got to know it.

If the name of the BBC supernatural series doesn’t ring a bell with you, that’s probably a good indicator that the show was little-seen. But believe me, it was much admired in some quarters.

Previously in this blog I’ve noted that the show, about a British teenager, Paul, who discovers he’s a “Buffy”-like Chosen One, was one of the best modern-day incarnations of that type of story: A young person, overmatched by regular everyday life,x finds the weight — and fate — of the world on his (her in “Buffy’s” case) slim shoulders.

“The Fades,” which aired around these parts on BBC America, had only about a half-dozen episodes in its first season. The storyline resolved itself to a great degree but really left fans wanting more.

It was not to be. The channel BBC3 announced a few days ago that a second season would not be produced.

I doubt that decision — which has been greeted with some “outrage” by fans, according to news accounts — will be reversed, but I think you’d still enjoy the first (and only) season of the show. It’s been available On Demand and is out on disc.

If you start watching, be aware that after a slightly awkward opening episode, the show moves into creepy good mode.

There’s not much of “The Fades” out there, but what there is is quite enjoyable.


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