New ‘Avengers’ images: Giant flying snake thing and … Beta Ray Bill?

At this rate, I’m afraid we’re not going to be able to hold out until May 4.

As anticipation for “The Avengers” builds and speculation about the elements of the movie works toward some kind of geeky online meltdown, new images and details continue to appear.

Today a new commercial tie-in to the movie was released featuring an Acura outmaneuvering New York street mayhem brought about by … yes, the giant flying snake thing we’ve been wondering about since we first saw it in the trailer released in late February.

We’ve already noted speculation that the big ol’ beastie was some kind of incarnation of Fin Fang Foom, an oddball dragon creature from the early days of Marvel Comics.

Online of late he’s being referred to as Leviathan. Not sure where that came from, but it’s pretty cool.

The Acura commercial featured shots of the creature/ship flapping its stubby little wings. Here’s what it looks like:

Meanwhile, some enterprising geek has analyzed shots of the alien warriors the Avengers face, using images from a TV spot that has debuted in the last week and theorized that the menace unleashed by Loki are denizens of the Marvel world of Korbin. The planet is of interest because it’s where Beta Ray Bill, an important character in Thor lore (try saying that three times fast), comes from.

Could the aliens be from Korbin? Could we see the introduction of the geeky but popular Beta Ray Bill, or at least overtures of such?

Does old Bill there look much like the alien at the top of this blog entry?

And don’t you think the giant flying snake thing could outrun an Acura?


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