‘Avengers’ Japanese trailer is trailerific

I guess we can play this game, you and me and the Interwebs, right up until May 4 and the theatrical debut of “The Avengers.”

Every couple of days it seems like, some more “Avengers” goodness promoting the Joss Whedon movie comes along. Today it’s the Japanese trailer.

Granted, a lot of the footage we’ve seen in previous trailers and TV spots. And while the trailer does end with the flying snake thing (Fin Fang Foom?), the cool shot of Hulk catching Iron Man in mid-dead drop is missing.

But the Japanese trailer does have some cool moments:

Hawkeye sliding between bad guys on a rubble-strewn New York street.

The first shot of Pepper Potts, confirming the “Iron Man” supporting character is in the movie.

A beauty shot of the SHIELD helicarrier lifting out of the Atlantic.


Okay, so what can we look forward to tomorrow?


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