Spoilers are out there (not here) for ‘Walking Dead’ ‘Better Angels’

Be careful what you click on between now and Sunday night.

Spoilers are all over the Interwebs for the “Better Angels” episode of “The Walking Dead,” airing Sunday night on AMC.

The episode is the next to the last for this season of the zombie apocalypse show.

If you’ve remained spoiler-free this season, I won’t change that. But if you’re determined to find out what happens in Sunday’s night’s episode, spoilers are out there. Big time.

One site I came across this afternoon even had a photo of … wait. I’m not gonna say.

Needless to say, this episode will be a pivotal one, nearly as important as the one to follow, the last episode of this season.

According to online reports, the final episode of the second season of the show will reveal what the CDC scientist whispered to Rick in the final episode of the first season.

So anyway, I plan to be watching Sunday night. Not quite as spoiler-free as I would have liked, but watching still.


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