‘The Avengers’ trailer … and that giant snake thing


The new trailer for Marvel’s “The Avengers” was released today and looks amazing.

The trailer offered us the first real glimpse of the scope of the movie, which opens May 4.

Sure, it’s a big superhero movie, based on the classic Marvel comic book, and features the leads from “Iron Man,” “Thor,” “Captain America,” “The Hulk” and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury to boot, all directed by “Buffy” maestro Joss Whedon.

But some fans have complained that previous previews didn’t give a real sense of the scale of the action, of the menace facing the heroes. After all, Nick Fury was putting this team together to take on a challenge that was too big for any single hero to handle alone, right?

So, without revealing too much about the plot or even confirming the space-faring villains (Skrull? Kree? Asgardian monsters?), the trailer puts the menace, the scope, the scale of the threat out there.

And it did it with that giant flying snake thing at the end of the trailer. Is it a robot? Is it alive? Something in between? And whose WMD is it?

Other thoughts upon watching the trailer for, like, the tenth time:

“We’re not a team. We’re a time bomb,” scientist Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) says. Banner is the guy who Hulks out, of course.

Oh, and the Hulk. Not only do we see more Ruffalo but we see more of his big green alter ego. We see the Hulk smashing through a series of too-small doorways, as seen in an earlier spot. This time we see he’s following Black Widow. Has he wigged out and started chasing her? Or are the two making a hasty exit together?

Oh, and more about the Hulk. How cool is the moment when the Hulk comes out of nowhere to rescue Iron Man (Robert Downey Jr.) as he falls from the sky? And of course he does it in Hulk style, slowing his and Iron Man’s freefall by dragging the facade off several stories of a skyscraper.

Cap fights Thor. Iron Man fights Thor. Everybody knows that it’s a Marvel Comics standby to have heroes tussle before they get together and fight on the same side. So maybe that’s what’s going on here. Or maybe some of those heroes are controlled by … Skrulls?

Why are Hawkeye and Black Widow there? Some people can’t seem to get that a key to the Avengers team in the comics was that while some members were super-powered, others were not. The online bitching about the normal-powered Hawkeye and Black Widow being part of the team has been ridiculous. Ironically, the trailer addresses this, with Black Widow telling Hawkeye in effect, “We weren’t trained for this.”

Whedon and his team have, after months, really whetted our appetites for “The Avengers.” The trailer released today had me wishing May 4 was tomorrow.


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