‘The Avengers’ poster is assembled!

The one-sheet — or at least one of the one-sheets — poster for “The Avengers” was released today.

The reaction on the Interwebz was funny.

“Oh my god, that’s a Photoshop nightmare!”

“Why is the Hulk so tall?”

“What is Captain America so tall?”

“Why is Iron Man and not Captain America leading the team?”

“Why do they all have their helmets and/or masks off?”


The answers: Really, who cares how they put the poster together? The Hulk is tall because he’s a hulk, and he’s probably standing on something. Cap is so tall because he’s standing on something. Iron Man is front and center because he’s got the most movies in his franchise. They all have their helmets/masks off because Marvel wants people to recognize the actors. Why do you think Tobey McGuire’s Spider-Man kept getting his mask ripped off before the climactic battle?

Anyway, I think the poster looks pretty good.

The movie opens


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