‘Walking Dead’ adds action in ‘Trigger Finger’

Okay, that was more like it.

Tonight’s episode of “The Walking Dead” on AMC, “Trigger Finger,” liberally mixed action with the soap opera storylines we’ve become accustomed to so far in this, the second season of the zombie apocalypse show.

A follow-up to last week’s episode, in which Rick and Glenn went to town to find Hershel, only to meet — and in Rick’s case, kill — two dangerous human types, “Trigger Finger” opened as the companions to the interlopers from last week gathered outside the saloon and, for a while, kept our heroes pinned down by gunfire.

Meanwhile, Shane went off to find Lori, who crashed her car last week and found herself fighting off a walker attack this week.

The episode had the kind of action that too many episodes haven’t featured this year, including the opening gunfight between the good guys and the new and mysterious bad guys. The stand-off was complicated by the arrival of zombies and a serious injury for one of the interlopers. Rick decides to take the injured stranger back to the farm, which further antagonizes Shane.

I’m getting the sinking feeling that the remaining few episodes of this season will be spent on Hershel’s farm. The static nature of the farm setting — and the stories told so far this year — has been a sore point with fans, me included.

But — and this is a very big but — if the remaining episodes have the same mix of action and suspense and character drama as tonight’s “Trigger Finger,” I’ll keep watching.

On the interpersonal relationships front, Shane spilled the beans about Lori’s pregnancy and and Lori cautioned Rick that Shane believes that Lori and the baby are his … and very well might kill Rick to take what he believes he’s entitled to.

Also tonight, Glenn froze in action and dealt with the aftermath and Andrea and Shane seem to be drifting further away from the core of the group. And Daryl seems intent on pushing Carol away.

One thing I’d like to see: More to do for T-Dog. He’s barely in the series anymore.

Best thing about tonight’s episode: The new, improved, man of action Hershel. If we’re gonna hang out with him all season, I’m glad he’s capable of being more than a soft-spoken old scold.

Gruesomest thing about tonight’s episode: Lots of zombie chowing down, plus a grisly fence impalement.


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