What was ‘The Walking Dead’ whisper?

Here’s one for fans of the AMC series “The Walking Dead” as we wait for another new episode — the second in the latter half of the second season — to premiere Sunday night.

What did Dr. Jenner, the scientist at the Centers for Disease Control, whisper in Rick’s ear near the end of the final episode of the first season?

If you remember, the survivors of the zombie apocalypse made their way to the CDC at the end of the first season but abandoned it when Dr. Jenner, the last remaining scientist, became despondent and decided to blow stuff up real good.

Before Rick led the survivors out, Jenner whispered something in Rick’s ear.

The Associated Press asked Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick, about the whisper.

Lincoln — who maintains he knows what the whisper was intended to be, but says he hasn’t even told his wife — hints that the whisper was not good news.

“This is a scientist who seemingly held all the cards to what this epidemic is about and I do think, you know, you would imagine he would have something of value to say on that matter,” Lincoln told the AP. “Well, he chose to kill himself.”


A friend, co-worker and fellow “Walking Dead” devotee of mine, Mark, says he believes the doctor whispered the word “Airborne,” which would not be good news for the survivors.

Having read some, but not all, of the comics upon which the show is based, I don’t know if the whisper was a part of the storyline or if it has been revealed.

I’ve heard other speculation about the whisper, including “No cure.” Also a dark scenario.

Lincoln indicated that the answer would be revealed this year.

As long as the doctor didn’t whisper, “Stay on the farm forever,” I’m good with whatever happens.


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