Mort Report: Severin and Hinzman

A quick note of remembrance for two pop culture figures who died recently:

As a compulsive credits reader, I loved looking at 1960s and 1970s Marvel comics, in part because Marvel actually credited the writers, artists, inkers and letterers who worked on each issue but also because the company’s style was to give each a funny nickname like Stan “The Man” Lee.

So I got accustomed to seeing the name John Severin on a lot of Marvel comics. (I don’t remember his specific nickname, but I’m guessing it was something like “Joltin’ John Severin” since “Jazzy John Romita” was taken.)

Severin was never a star artist like Jack Kirby or Jim Steranko but he had a long career. Obits published following his death in the past week at age 90 note that he drew Mad and other EC publications in the 1950s, drew some great Marvel comics in the 1960s and was a staple at the humor magazine Cracked for years after.

The other death of note is that of Bill Hinzman, who died earlier this month at 75.

You probably don’t know Hinzman’s name, but he was one of the most recognizable faces in modern-era horror movies. He played the graveyard zombie, the first seen in George Romero’s 1968 classic “Night of the Living Dead.”

“They’re coming to get you, Barbra,” was said about Bill Hinzman.

Pop culture was the better for their careers.


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