‘Amazing Spider-Man’ has an amazing trailer

Just a couple of days after the commercial for “The Avengers” — “We have a Hulk” — became my favorite minute of the Super Bowl, along comes a spider.

Well, a Spider-Man anyway.

The trailer for this July’s “Amazing Spider-Man” debuted online today.

Maybe I’m getting to be a soft touch, but I wasn’t looking forward to this movie at all and the trailer sold me.

The Spider-Man seen in the trailer for Marc Webb’s reboot is a familiar one to Marvel Comics readers. He’s young and smart and, maybe most importantly, kind of a smart ass. The Spider-Man from the comics was — and is — a quipster, the kind of guy who is prone to lobbing insults and sarcastic remarks as often as he shoots webs or throws punches.

Admittedly, it’s not the equal of having Spidey insult the Kingpin, but the moment in the trailer when our hero makes fun of a thief’s outfit seems like vintage Spidey.

I liked Sam Raimi’s “Spider-Man” movies just fine (at least the first two) and I’m not sure we needed a reboot. Sony apparently thought otherwise, launching the remake in part to keep a handle on the big-screen rights.

And I’m not sold on the “mysterious origins” of Peter Parker and his parents. I almost wish they hadn’t remade Spidey’s origin at all, or had simply retold it over the opening credits.

But anyway. The trailer is dynamic enough, and visually pleasing enough, that I’m now looking forward to this, right along with “The Avengers.”


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