Spider-Man in ‘The Avengers’ — part two

You know, at this point I’m choosing to believe Spider-Man is going to join up with — even fleetingly — his Marvel comics counterparts in this May’s “Avengers” movie.

That doesn’t mean it will happen. But wouldn’t it be fun if it did?

A while back in this space, I noted reports on the Interwebs that Spider-Man — the movie incarnation of which is owned by Sony — might appear in “The Avengers,” which is being made by Marvel’s studio arm and released by Disney.

Many folks with a lot more insight than me maintain that Sony is rebooting “Spider-Man” this summer only to keep their hands on the rights to the character.

And they note how hard it is, some apparent recent legal accord notwithstanding, for studios to play nicely together.

In the wake of the first round of pooh-poohing of the Spider-Man rumor, come stories today — in bestmoviesever.com and repeated on Comicbookresources.com — that Spidey really, truly is going to appear in the movie, even if it’s a glorified cameo like Wolverine’s appearance in last summer’s “X-Men: First Class.”

The above websites have all the speculation if you care to check it out.

Anyway, we all know that Marvel is building an intricate movie universe and that Sony wouldn’t mind some publicity for their “Spider-Man” reboot, which follows “The Avengers” into theaters by several weeks.

So will it happen?

We’ll find out.


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