‘Justified’ returns tomorrow night

Oh yeah. The coolest show on TV is back.

“Justified,” the crime drama based on Elmore Leonard’s writings about small-time Kentucky criminals and the U.S. marshal opposing them, returns Tuesday night on FX.

Timothy Olyphant is back as Raylan Givens, the slow-simmering marshal, as is Walton Goggins as Boyd Crowder, Raylan’s longtime friend, sometimes nemesis, sometimes ally.

FX has given us an idea about what to expect this season:

“In Season 2, Deputy US Marshal Raylan Givens (Olyphant) squared off against criminal matriarch Mags Bennett (the part for which Margo Martindale won an Emmy Award). The end of Season 2 brought about the end of the Bennett family’s hold over Harlan County and the return of Raylan’s old nemesis/friend Boyd Crowder to the criminal life. This season, Boyd and his crew will find they aren’t the only ones making a play to rule the Harlan underworld. Now Raylan finds himself facing off against dirty politicians, hidden fortunes, a mysterious man named ‘Limehouse’ and an enterprising and lethal criminal from the Motor City.”

The Motor City? Will Raylan run afoul of “The Detroit Connection?” (Sorry, inside joke.)

Even though this is the third season, you won’t be missing anything if you’re just jumping into the show.

Check it out, Tuesday night on FX.


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