iPhoneography: The Christmas “Situation”

Yep, it’s time for more Christmas stuff. You remember how this works, from way back when we were finding oddball Halloween masks, costumes and decor. The Christmas selection is a little less oddball, but there is some offbeat stuff.

Not the least of which is that ornament above, of the guy from MTV’s “Jersey Shore” who calls himself “The Situation.”

I mean, really, who wouldn’t want this guy on their tree? Because really, nothing says the holiday season quite like drunken tanning.

Now this is more like it: A Hallmark ornament depicting the cover of “Avengers” issue number 4, with Captain America leaping out in three dimensions.

That particular issue — the first comic I ever owned, given to me by an older neighbor — was famous for re-introducing Cap, in an arctic deep freeze since the end of World War II.

For a warm and fuzzy feeling, how about pink bunny slippers, part of the ensemble Ralphie’s aunt made for him in “A Christmas Story?” Now you too can feel like a deranged rabbit.

Ah, “Peanuts.” You are synonymous with Christmas for many of us of a certain age. This set of Charlie Brown and friends figures can be purchased separately but, when gathered together, play holiday classics.

As for stocking stuffers, how about Santa Claus’ brother-in-law, Caramel Claus?

And last but not least, you just know Walmart had to get into the Christmas village thing. This village square version of Walmart is a lot more quaint than your typical big box store, however.

More next time!


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