‘Walking Dead’ mid-season finale ends with a bang

There’s been a lot of second-guessing of the second season of “The Walking Dead,” and I understand most of it.

The first season of the AMC series about the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse was straightforward “I Am Legend” stuff, survival and regrouping in the early days and weeks of the end of the world.

But by the second season — although still only weeks since the end of the world in the show’s chronology — had to do something different. And there was also the matter of budget cuts and turmoil behind the scenes, including the departure of writer/producer Frank Darabont.

So much of the second season has been set at a farm, where kindly farmer/veterinarian Hershel first provided assistance to the group of refugees then posed several problems for them. Would the members of the group succumb to the dangers of false hope, as Hershel has? Would they be allowed to stay in this comparatively idyllic spot even if they wanted to? And what about the missing girl and, oh yeah, the walkers that Hershel keeps penned up in his barn?

The first half of the season, which ended tonight with new episodes set to begin in February, prompted a lot of restlessness among both the human refugees and the audience. When would they find Sophia, the missing girl? When would Rick and Shane clash over Lori? When would the show get. on. with. it?

I’ve enjoyed the show and enjoyed tonight’s episode, “Pretty Much Dead Already,” even the soap-opera dynamics of love triangles and threatened betrayal. I like the characters and feel for their predicament.

No spoilers if you haven’t seen it, but tonight’s episode feels like a resolution, like a turning point. The ending was heartbreaking if not entirely unexpected.

But the glimpses of the farm in previews for next February’s episodes left me more than a little frustrated. I expected tonight’s episode to get them off the farm, back on the road and out of this storyline. Instead the preview seems to indicate more rural dithering is ahead of us.

I’ve enjoyed “The Walking Dead” so far and I’m looking forward to February, although not as much as I expected to.

But I’m really hoping that the show doesn’t continue to spin its wheels. The survivors need to move on to the next storyline and they need to do it soon.



One thought on “‘Walking Dead’ mid-season finale ends with a bang

  1. Tricia Catron

    OMG, My long love of the this Zombie stuff and the way it should go was pulled tonight. I have such mixed feelings. I shouldn’t cry for Zombies no matter how cute.


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