‘The Walking Dead” reveals ‘Secrets’

AMC’s post-zombie-apocalypse series “The Walking Dead” moved into full-on soap opera mode tonight, and that was fine by me.

As a matter of fact, except for a couple of zombie scenes, you could almost mistake tonight’s installment for an episode of “Knot’s Landing.” There was even a suburban cul de sac.

But seriously, folks: As we’ve noted already this second season, the drama in this show revolves around the people. What happens when Daryl’s brother Merle returns and finds out his little brother has become a good guy? What happens when Rick finds out Lori was shacked up with Shane in the first days of the zombie apocalypse? What happens when Shane pops his cork and starts killing people?

We found out the answer to one of those questions tonight and maybe it wasn’t surprising. If you’re struggling to deal with the continued existence of you and your ragtag band of survivors, you probably learn to shrug, move on and worry about a lot of small stuff later.

Not that there wasn’t plenty of personal drama going on. With a title like “Secrets,” you can bet that a few were spilled.

My favorite character, once again, was Glen, who continues not only to be a capable guy when you’re dealing with the walking dead but also a go-to comic character. As a young guy entrusted with too many secrets, Glen started burbling: Walkers in the barn. Lori’s pregnant. I’m making it with the farmer’s daughter.

The secret of the walkers in the barn was as poignant as it was wrong-headed. Made me want to slap everybody concerned. And yet, at the same time, I understood.

With all the character drama, maybe it didn’t seem like there was time for zombies. But there were a couple of good walker moments. The makers of the series know how to make our skin crawl with a well-timed zombie attack.

Next week’s episode is the “mid-season finale,” AMC says, which means that we won’t see new episodes until February. I’m hoping it’s going to be a doozie.


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