Family Circus been very, very good to me

One of the most enjoyable things about doing this blog for the past three months has been seeing what readers react to.

When I write about personal memories or experiences, people who I know, who find the blog through Facebook postings, read and respond.

When I write about pop culture touchstones, like Captain Action or Thingmaker, Internet search engines steer readers my way.

And then there’s the Family Circus newspaper comic strip.

A few weeks back I mentioned new NASA photos of the moon and noted that the footprints and tracks of astronauts reminded me of those Family Circus panels where Billy — or was it Jeffy? — took some circuitous route home, symbolized by dotted lines throughout his neighborhood.

Here is the NASA photo:

And here is the Family Circus panel:

Well, Family Circus has its fans. They might not be quick to do Internet searches, but they will look up online references to the strip.

On Friday, this blog saw hundreds of page views sparked by Internet searches for “Family Circus Billy” or some variation on those words.

In online terms, hundreds of page views isn’t that many. In my day job, it’s typical for a story to get thousands of page views.

But for this little blog, hundreds of views is a big deal.

Seeing all those big numbers, I briefly flirted with the idea of turning this blog into an online shrine to the Family Circus.

But then I thought, what would I say about the Family Circus every day? How many times could I recap those classic “Not me!” panels?

So I decided to note the anomaly here and move on. Maybe I’ll never get those page views again.

Or maybe I’ll just do an occasional look at those “Ghostly grandparents watching over the kids” panels.




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