45 years of ‘Star Trek’

Here’s something to make us geeks feel old: A nifty space.com graphic showing the first 45 years of history of “Star Trek,” including the various TV shows, movies and relevant real-life developments.

I’ve tried to embed this and I can’t, but this link will take you to the timeline.

Geek long and prosper!


One thought on “45 years of ‘Star Trek’

  1. Steve Warstler

    45 years. Good grief!! Watching the originals on Netflix all fixed up with nice CGI and looking GREAT in HD makes me feel young again until I look at the salt and pepper hair in the Mirror Mirror …. oh great galaxy…no that is Mudd in your eye .. Hope to raise a glass at Star Trek’s 75 year aniversary, or have some poured into my I.V. LL&P


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