Rockin’ your world

Today’s earthquake packed a lot of entertainment into just a few seconds.

Now I’m being kind of facetious about the ‘quake, which was centered in Virginia but felt waaaaay over here in Indiana, because the latest news reports indicate no injuries and little damage. As one Internet quipster said, the tremors would be wildly over-reported because they were felt in DC and NYC and I suppose there’s some truth to that.

But even here, where the New Madrid fault sometimes kicks up a rumble or two, today’s earthquake felt like a real rock-and-roller.

Maybe it’s because I was on the fourth floor, but today’s ‘quake felt different than the few I’ve experienced before. Those were shakers. Probably thanks to my elevated position, this one felt like more like a wave. A friend and I looked at each other and, we later determined, were thinking the same thing at the same time: I’m feeling dizzy.

Afterward, among a flurry of conversations — both in person, on Facebook and Twitter — I enjoyed trading stories about what we felt and when.

I don’t wish an earthquake on us or anybody and I know the New Madrid fault could really throw us for a loop someday.

But today’s quake gave us all something to talk about that wasn’t politics or the economy or war. It made us all feel like we were sharing an experience instead of arguing about an experience.

Except for you people who didn’t feel it, that is. You guys are just weird.


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