Just for fun: Jonny Quest

Here we go again: Last night, I tried to post the opening credits of the classic animated series “Jonny Quest,” but for some reason wasn’t able to.

Since it seems to be working tonight, here’s a few thoughts:

“Jonny Quest” debuted on TV in 1964 and lasted only a season, but it is one of the most-repeated, most-imitated and idolized ostensibly-for-kids shows ever. It’s influenced a couple of generations of animated shows and there’s even been talk of a live-action movie version.

If the show was before your time or below your radar, the stories focused on Jonny, a pre-teen whose dad, Benton Quest, was a government scientist. Government agent Roger “Race” Bannon was Jonny’s bodyguard and teacher and Hadji was Jonny’s adopted brother.

The show was great wish-fullfillment for a kid like me but also just plain fun as the Quest clan jetted around the world, encountering sinister plots, evil scientists, maniacal despots and mysterious happenings.

“Jonny Quest,” along with “Star Trek” and old Universal monster movies, helped activate the geek gene in a lot of us.


2 thoughts on “Just for fun: Jonny Quest

  1. J Wolf Scott

    Johnny Quest was my all-time favorite cartoon!!! I liked Space Ghost too, but don’t remember seeing a whole lot of that one. Wasn’t there another cartoon along those lines? I was just a wee thing back then . . . . .

  2. keithroysdon Post author

    I don’t think you were even born then!

    There was a bunch of those cartoons. “The Herculoids,” “Space Ghost” and others. I liked ’em all, but “JQ” was tops.


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