Trickle down: Ice in urinals

Here’s something that few men and even fewer women have ever seen. I’ve only seen it a couple of times.

Ice in the urinal.

I’ve written about this before on Facebook, but i noticed it again last week, so I thought I would mention it here.

If you’ve been to La Hacienda, the longtime Mexican eatery on Muncie’s south side — and you’re a guy — you’ve noticed the ice in the urinal there. The bar and restaurant is one of the few in this area that I’ve noticed that dumps ice cubes in its urinal.

But why?

The prevailing theories behind the practice of ice in urinals are:

The ice, as it melts, provides what amounts to a continuous flush.

The very fact that the ice needs regular replenishing indicates to patrons that the staff is checking the restroom.

The cold discourages drain flies.

And because it’s fun to melt the ice, guys are more likely to, you know, actually aim.

So now you know.

But I wonder: Is there an equivalent in the women’s restroom?



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