iPhoneography: Indiana State Fair

I try to get to the Indiana State Fair at least once every year. I really enjoy fairs because my son loves the rides. For me, it’s the people watching and the photography opportunities. Not the rides. Definitely not the rides.

Monday’s state fair visit was a good time: Not too hot — the fair in 2010 was blisteringly hot — and the rain arrived only a little while before we were due to leave anyway.

The change in weather gave me the opportunity to capture the fair under both pretty blue sky and ominously gray sky.

Here’s the pending storm perspective on the Ferris wheel:

The sky made the drop tower look like Mordor from “Lord of the Rings.”

Little things at the fair catch my eye. The rubber ducks carnival game, for example.


2 thoughts on “iPhoneography: Indiana State Fair

  1. harriette

    The food ! What about the fooooooooooooooooooooooooooood !!???? The aromas. The flavors. Roasted ears of corn. Pork chops. aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh

  2. keithroysdon Post author

    Okay, this will sound crazy, but do you want to hear what I ate at the fair Monday? A ham and cheese sandwich on whole wheat and a fruit cup. I expect to indulge in some pork and fried pickles if we go back.


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