I really like my iPhone, even though it’s not the newest generation and doesn’t have all the bells and whistles. It lets me check email and Facebook and Twitter and, oh yeah, text and make phone calls.

And while it might be too much to expect that a complicated collection of plastic parts that does all those things also takes good pictures, the iPhone takes pretty good ones. Maybe nearly as good as a standard digital camera.

Here’s a couple I’ve taken this summer. One is of Chinese terra cotta warrior replicas at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis and the other is of the interior of the Grove Arcade in Asheville, North Carolina.

If you’re in Asheville – a very cool city – you should check out the Grove Arcade. It’s a monument to how the best-laid plans etc., etc. In the 1920s, Asheville millionaire E.W. Grove wanted to construct “the most elegant building in America.” It was to be a 14-story tower and one of the largest buildings in North Carolina. But Grove died and the tower was never completed. In fact, only the base, a couple or three stories high, was completed.

Most of the tenants were evicted and the building was taken over by government offices during World War II, then the building sat empty for decades until it was finally restored and reopened with shops and offices in 2002. This photo shows the building’s main atrium.



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