Avengers: What comes around, geeks around

A longtime buddy out in LA posted something on Facebook this morning about the upcoming “Captain America” movie – which opens Friday – and how it ties in to the “Avengers” movie coming out next May.

And the Twitterverse and blogworld are full of spoilers about the two movies this morning. Obviously some screenings have been going on and people are spilling secrets.

I’m wading through the Internets kind of cautiously. I do enjoy spoilers, to some extent, but mostly as an appetizer for a movie, TV show or even book. I don’t want them in place of the main dish.

But I’ll admit all the geeky goodness is building my anticipation for “Captain America.” My loved ones are already sick of hearing me say how, when I was an elementary school kid, the earth was young and dinosaurs roamed the landscape, I never expected big-screen versions of the comic book heroes I loved as a kid. Sure, cheap cartoon versions. Maybe low-budget TV shows where Superman’s flying scenes were accomplished by having the actor lie on a glass coffee table. But big-budget movies? That just didn’t seem possible.

Anyway, I’ll try to keep my geekticipation in check this week. Still five more days, after all.


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