Alpha males and females

I don’t watch a lot of SyFy, or whatever they call the current-day incarnation of the Sci-Fi Channel. I liked the channel a lot, back in its low-rent days, when it could be counted on for lots of reruns of cheesy old TV shows and MST3K. I really, really miss MST3K.

I fell behind on “Battlestar Galactica” and never caught up, frak it all, and most of the channel’s programming now leaves me cold. I don’t care about the 18th variation on ghost-hunting shows. I admit I like “Hollywood Treasure” because I know a few people in LA who have, at times in the past, done a bit of movie memorabilia collecting.

So I was pleasantly surprised by “Alphas,” the channel’s new show about a team of superhumanly gifted operatives who solve crimes or prevent crimes or whatever beyond-the-capabilities-of-the-proper-authorities occasion is at hand.

The show throws in a bit of “Hellboy,” leavened with “Heroes” and “X-Men” and “Fringe” and, believe it or not, “Big Bang Theory,” the latter manifesting in a somewhat Sheldon-like geek who can see electromagnetic waves and read texts, phone calls, computer screens and the like without benefit of hardware. He is not, however, much of a social animal.

The other members of the team are super strong or super observant or super accurate in throwing or super good at manipulating people. Although the latter operative is a hot Jersey-ish chick who wears low-cut tops, so I’m not sure how much extrasensory power is in play there.

I’ve only seen the pilot for “Alphas” so far, but it was pretty fun and did a good job mixing all its influences but at the same time adding a few elements of its own. I’ll check it out again and maybe this time I’ll keep up as I couldn’t manage to with “Galactica.”



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